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A Brief Introduction To the Psychology of Copywriting

Many people believe that the single goal of the copywriter is to persuade somebody to buy something.  While at its most basic level, that is true, there is a lot more involved in the fine art of persuasion via copywriting.  In this article, we’ll explore some of basic tactics that some of the best copywriters have used[...]
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How to Make YOUR Copywriting Stand Out From the Crowd

In today’s digital marketing world, the ability to create an exceptional marketing offer is the internet marketer’s dream. Why? Because a highly skilled copywriter is worth his weight in gold! Imagine this . . . . Let’s say you are a door-to-door salesperson. You knock on a random door and are invited inside. That person[...]
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Our Beginning Series – Understanding Sales Funnels

As a long-time marketer and entrepreneur, it’s pretty common for me to critique places I shop and visit when I’m not working. It’s not something I do intentionally – it just happens! When I first started learning marketing, nothing stood out to me as being done “wrong” or “inefficient.” I only knew that if I[...]
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Want To Know A Trait of A Million Dollar Marketer?

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago? Luckily for (most of) us, Facebook has this neat feature of reminding us what we posted a year ago on our pages. Looking at some of these past pictures and events over the last couple days has really made me stop and think about some[...]
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