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Currently, the community forum is for MDM members only. However, non-members are welcome to join us on our Facebook group and we’ll do our best to help.

Of course! We want all our members to be satisfied. To cancel, simply log into your account and click Cancel or send us an email. We’ll be happy to take care of that for you. Keep in mind there is no refund for partial months, however.

Great question! We’re adding content daily right now and will continue to do so until each program is considered complete. Then we’ll add new subject matter and weekly updates to keep our courses updated and keep our members informed of any industry trends and news that may affect their business.

If you’ve ever wanted to start an online business, if you have an existing online business but it’s not making money, or if you’re confused about how all the different parts of an online business come together, MDM is the place for you. With over 20 different courses taught from beginning through advanced level, you’ll get a well-rounded knowledge and step-by-step tutorials to begin applying that knowledge right away.

MDM is a monthly membership program designed so that anyone can learn digital marketing. It’s not a one year or 6-month program like most other programs out there. Because it has so many areas to explore and so much to do, there’s no limit on the time you can remain a member and benefit from the courses and all we offer, including our private forum. You’re welcome to stay and go through the entire program to get a well-rounded understanding of online marketing or simply go through just the courses you need. It’s completely up to you!

Each course is designed to be its own stand-alone course teaching the subject matter from beginning through advanced level through chapters and lessons. All have downloadable material such as PDFs, workbooks, worksheets, templates, case studies, examples, and other material necessary to understand the theory and concepts involved. Our goal is to eventually have video tutorials for all lessons as well.

Our courses are part of a membership program which is only accessible by our private members. Right now, these are only available by paying a monthly membership fee. There are additional discounts if the member chooses to pay one year at a time.

Our current pricing structure is representative of the amount of content and the percentage of completion. Since this is our first year, we’re still in the early stage, so while most of our courses are complete in written format, they don’t all have video tutorials as of yet and our prices are very low. We plan on raising the membership fee as more course material is added. But don’t worry – members who have joined us during this early stage will still get to keep their low membership rate they signed up with, as long as their account remains in good standing.

Although we’d love to earn more money, there’s nothing else you need to buy or pay for right now. There are no surprise charges.