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Launching your new business is probably one of the most important jobs you’ll ever do.  Here’s where you absolutely want to make sure you’ve done everything you possibly can to create your ideal business.

When we’re launching a new product or service, we divide up our launch process into these 5 phases:

The 5 Phases of a Successful Launch

The first phase of launch in any business is the research and planning phase, and ours was no exception … in fact, Million Dollar Marketer is probably the biggest project I’ve ever done.

This phase is where all the research is done, ideas mapped out, competition scoped out, keyword research, product validation, etc. This requires a lot of dedicated computer time, but it’s still so much fun … I really love this part!

The second phase would be considered the product creation itself.  If you have your idea early, this could even be considered the first phase.
The third phase comes after all the product planning, research, validation and product creation.  This is where you put all your planning into effect and the practical stuff gets done.

The fourth phase is the actual launch where you’ll cross your fingers and hope you didn’t forget anything important!
And the fifth and final phase is post-launch where there are still lots of things to catch up on as well as making sure you provide ultimate value to your new customers.

Our Checklist for Phase 3

Below is our checklist for Phase 3 which includes the practical implementation of everything you’ve put together in your planning and research phase

Get Hosting with Email....

  • Hosting providers are Godaddy, Hostway.
  • Email providers are Mailchimp. Active Campaign. Aweber.
  • You want email with autoresponders and tagging logic.

Domain Name....

  • Make sure the name you choose isn’t taken on social media.
  • Pick a good domain that’s relevant without all the hyphens in it.  (With the Exact Match Domain update from Google, you no longer have to have exact keywords to rank for them.)
  • Dot com is preferred.
  • Business email with your signature line in it.
  • If you buy a pre-owned domain, check to make sure it doesn’t have a penalty associated with it.

Keyword Research....

  • Don’t use short, generic keywords. Look for medium and long-tail keywords with plenty of searches per month.
  • KWs with high popularity, very relevant, low competition.
  • Use your market research to use your prospect’s exact language.
  • Tools to use are Google’s KW Planner, Ahrefs, SpyFu, Serpstat.
  • Research your future competition to find the KWs they’re using.

Start Creating Content....

  • Create a content list based on your keyword planning – One major piece of content per keyword. Repurpose your content into different forms.
  • Hire writers to copywrite your web pages and other key components.
  • Hire writers for your content.
  • Create all types of content such as blog articles, articles for guest posts, FB posts, emails
  • Giveaways such as reports, ebooks, checklists
  • Sales and website material such as product descriptions, ad sets, affiliate material, etc.
  • Keep a list of all your created content and type of content you have created.
  • The best consumable content will be highly relevant to your selected audience, include backlinks to your site or landing pages, have the appropriate keywords you’ve pre-selected.
  • Great content is interesting, educational, informative, helpful and engaging, include catchy titles and subtitles, original and up-to-date, and be quality writing.
  • Tools include Hemingway App.

Set Up Your Social Media Accounts....

  • Add your new business name/position to your personal social media accounts.
  • Be social and make friends, be active, give advice, show yourself as someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable in your subject. (Know, like, trust factor)
  • Create your business page and group page and set up professionally

Create your Marketing Funnel...

  • Decide what content you’ll offer as a giveaway, the landing page they’ll go to, the thank you page they’ll see after it, any upsells you’ll offer, downsells, cross-sells, any affiliate offers.
  • Then create the workflow. Chart it out for easier understanding.

SEO Your Site and Set Up Analytics....

  • Use Google webmaster tools to get detailed info once your site is up for awhile to get insights for improvement.
  • Test your site periodically with tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights to measure specific site metrics, such as speed, links, keywords, and other suggestions to make your site run smoother and provide a better user experience.
  • Be sure to test responsiveness of your site to make sure it looks good on all types of devices. Mobile is 55-80% of user experience, very important.
  • Make continuous upgrades as needed.
  • Several paid and free tools available for all these.

Set Up Any Other Automation You’re Going to Use...

  • Autoresponders should be already set up and tested
  • Payment processors such as Stripe.
  • If doing a merchant account, apply early on.
  • Set up Beta Testers.
  • Get input/feedback.
  • Make edits as you go along.
  • Get testimonials and add to website.

Create Your Story....

  • Write your background story about you and how you came to create your product.
  • Helps people get to know you.  Your goal: Like, know, and trust

Find Influencers....

  • Connect with bloggers and ask to use their articles.
  • Start dialogue with influencers such as bloggers with large followings to accept your guest articles or do interviews on you.
  • Ask if they will present your launch to their audience.
  • Consider affiliate offers or joint ventures with influencers.

Set Up Social Media Ad Campaigns....

  • Using your list of content you’ve created, set up your social media ad campaigns.
  • Have professional images created for these campaigns to keep your branding consistent and maintain highest professional look

Set Up Affiliate Program....

  • If you’re going to have an affiliate program, plan it now, draw up documents and get the software you’ll need
  • Have your forms and ads professionally created for your affiliates

Consider a Contest....

  • Set up a contest and plan it out start to finish.
  • All content, webpages, and emails done up.
  • Examples are essay contests, share/like random drawings.
  • Tools include software such as Rafflecopter
  • Be sure you post your rules and legal notices on your website and refer to it in your contest ads.

Test and Retest Your Website….and test again!

  • Test all pages, links, downloads, forms, all sales funnel links, ads, ordering process, etc.
  • You’ll want to test it again just prior to launch also.

Write Your Press Release....

  • Old-fashioned but still provides some publicity.
  • Some distribution services for this are PRNewsire and PRWeb.
  • Sample press releases on the internet.

Test and Retest Your Website….and test again!

  • Test all pages, links, downloads, forms, all sales funnel links, ads, ordering process, etc.
  • You’ll want to test it again just prior to launch also.

Reach Out to Your List of Influencers.

  • Continue the dialogue you started earlier.
  • See if they are interested in helping you announce your launch.

Email Announcements to Your Existing Mailing Lists if You Have One.

  • If you’ve done a pre-launch contest, you should already have an email list. Include any list from any other business you’re in.

Announce Your Launch!

  • Sites like Reddit Startups, Promote Hour, Quora,, Product Hunt.
  • Post to affiliate sites like Clickbank if you’re going to have affiliates.

Open Your Doors! You’re launched!

There are so many things that go into creating a seamless launch, more than what a checklist can tell you.  If you want to learn more about starting and launching your own internet business, consider our Million Dollar Marketer program linked below.

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