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We all know what apps are. Since more and more people are using mobile devices (65% to 85% depending on who you ask) for business, there has been a surge of new apps hitting the market. These are available for download from any number of platforms for free or for a fee. Using apps is quickly becoming a popular choice for business owners who want to improve not only customer experience, but also to make things easier for themselves and their staff. A business can purchase an app, or an app can be developed and sold to other businesses for profit.

What’s the Advantage of Having an App?

One of the biggest advantages of an app is that it provides freedom from the confines of an office and a desktop computer. People are able to go about their day while carrying out various activities on the move. This applies to both businesses and customers.

For businesses, the app possibilities are endless. There are apps that allow you to complete mobile banking, track inventory, launch promotions, accept customer orders, and provide customer service from anywhere. More importantly, an app can keep your business connected to your customers no matter where you are.A push-notification app, for example,will keep you front and center. A messaging app will help personalize your interactions. Integrating an app like with social media will generate even more business.

There are apps that can provide your customer with discount coupons, loyalty incentives, and instant downloads. Customers especially enjoy the personalized attention that some apps provide, such as a discount on their birthday or personalized recommendations based on their shopping history. The result:brand loyalty and repeat sales.

A List of Some Apps Every Business Needs

Here are just a few of the apps available to online businesses with a brief description of what they do. With more apps being developed all the time, the choices for what works best for you will be endless!

  • Flint – Thisapp allows businesses to accept credit card payments, with a phone, without needing a card reader by taking a picture of the credit card. Allows instant payment.
  • Awayfind– Never miss an important business email again. Alerts you by text message when you have emails sent to your business email address.
  • Meet Edgar – Manage your social media accounts with the easy-to-use dashboard. (This is what we use.)
  • Pocket– This app saves things you want to read or watch later. After you save the items, you don’t need an internet connection to view them later. Just open the app and they are there.
  • Wave Invoicing software – Invoice in any currency. Customers receive automatic payment reminders.You receive notification when invoice has been viewed.Includes a Pay Now button, and more.
  • Sweet tooth Rewards – Build your own points-based loyalty program. You can give reward points for making purchases and sharing on social media. You can even make it personal by giving them bonus points on their birthday.

Stats show that the average smart phone user spends nearly 3 hours a day looking at digital media. This is up dramatically from just a few years ago when the average was only a few minutes each day. A great mobile app will not only engage your customer, but it will give your business an edge over your competition, not to mention a boost to your bottom line.  If you want to learn more about boosting your bottom line in your online business, consider our Million Dollar Marketer program linked below.

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